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    3. ALE739G - English Green Moke Seat Cushion

      ALE739G - English Green Moke Seat Cushion

      Seat Cushion for English Mini Mokes



      This is a replacement seat cushion which is suitable for all English Mini Mokes that have the original steel seats.

      We have found that many of the aftermarket hoods and seat cushions that are currently available are poor quality copies of the originals.


      Whilst retaining the authentic look of the original, our seat cushions are made with the highest quality materials with improved foam padding and methods of construction.


      Each cushion is available in green or black and comes complete with the correct style of fixing straps.  All you have to do is fit it.



      We also offer a full range of turn buckles  - BHM9746


      please check availability






      Product Code: ALE739G
      Availability: Out Of Stock
      Inc Vat: £99.00
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