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    3. Welcome to M Parts

      We are temporarily shutting the office down between the 2nd December & 3rd January 2022. 

      Lauren is now off on maternity leave until September 2022 and Richard will be having an operation 6th December and not returning until January. We appologise for the inconvience but shall be back next year to help with all your requirements. 

      Costs of materials / shipping / manufacturing are rapidly changing.  We try to keep all our prices up to date on the website but don't always succeed. 

      The correct prices of the goods will appear on your proforma invoice.  We are aware there may be some increases in prices but these are beyond our control.  We have kept prices low for as long as possible, but are now having to pass increased costs on to our customers. 

      We appreciate your understanding.




      Should you wish to keep as the original or have a customised Moke we are here to help. Please email on sales@m-parts.co.uk to register your interest.

      M Parts was established in 2003 after we purchased the world's remaining stocks of genuine Moke parts and panels from Cagiva in 2003.  Since then we have been growing steadily and we would like to thank all our existing customers for their support

      Yellow Mini Moke

      We have the world's largest stocks of genuine Moke parts and panels and are based in Cowbridge, South Wales.  We specialise in all types of Moke so we can help you whether your Moke is an Austin, Morris, BMC, Leyland, Austin Rover or Cagiva.  We recognise old fashioned values and have some simple aims:

      • To offer the widest range of genuine and original parts
      • To offer the highest quality and accuracy


      Mini Moke Parts


      We have now moved into our new custom built factory on site and will be working to add content to the website over the coming months.

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